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Nutrition Therapy:

Mini phone consultation - 15 minutes (free of charge)

We can have a chat to discuss your situation and see how I could help you.


Initial consultation - 90 minutes (£120)

  • This is a consultation to understand where you are at on your health journey, your medical and family history and your goals. 

  • You will be requested to provide a food diary for 3-4 days including a weekend day to get a sense of your general diet.

  • It may also include GP referrals if there are 'red flags' or if some tests are required to get a clearer picture.

  • You will receive a personalised plan including recommendations after the consultation.


Follow-up consultations - 45 minutes (£50)

  • To assess how the plan is going for you and if you have any new symptoms and make subsequent changes.

  • You will receive an updated plan after your follow up.

Bowen Therapy:

Initial session - 90 minutes -  £100.00

Consequent sessions - 60 minutes - £80.00

For best results 3 sessions is recommended with a gap of 5-10 days between each session.

Bowen can be performed lying down or sitting down.  Home visits can be arranged at extra cost

Reiki Therapy:

  • 1 session - 45 minute -   £35.00

  • 4 sessions - 45 minutes - £120.00

Reiki can be performed lying down or sitting down.  Home visits can be arranged at extra cost.

“Anita's expertise and knowledge has helped me both physically and emotionally.  It has made me more confident as a person. 


She was professional yet informal and managed to intuitively tease out various information that was buried deep down but crucial to the healing process. 


Her practical tips and passion for cooking enthused me to follow the diet plan.  I lost 5 kilos in 4 weeks and reduced my medication dosage. 


I have never felt better, and my daughter is now inspired to follow suit.”

- Sheila H.  Retired Nurse

“I was first introduced to Bowen by Anita.   It was something I had never experienced before.    I suffer from chronic shoulder pains and carpal tunnel from editing over the years.


Within a few sessions, my shoulders and arms regained their original flexibility.


Whenever I get the odd flare up, I am always amazed, how quickly my body responds under the gentle and calm administrations of  Anita”

- Marion P.  Editor

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