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"For me, the effects of reiki are subtle (and cumulative, I think) – and different in detail with each session, depending on how I am at the time and what’s been happening in life.  Reiki, I’m finding, gives a gentle but definite nudge in the right direction. It’s helping me to move forward, albeit slowly, on the journey to awareness – of the inner, true self and also of the invisible world, a wider universe that is outside everything we think we know. Relaxation and letting go, mentally and physically, are coming more naturally.  One of the best things I’ve learnt from practising yoga is being gently reinforced by reiki – that it’s okay to be kind to yourself, and you can’t really give love until you learn to love yourself.   I’m so pleased to have met you and really appreciate what you are doing" - Marion P  Publication Editor

“In the 15 years of trying various therapies including Reiki, this is the first time I connected spiritually and  went really deep into a meditative state.  With each session it seemed to remove old blockages and heal old deep issues.  I went deep into my happy childhood and have started being creative again and feel so much lighter and happier thank you Anita” Kimmi F.

"Thank you so much for the Bowen sessions I really enjoyed them. During the sessions I felt very nurtured and experienced some tingling sensations and I was left with a sense of space within my body. I found you to be gentle and caring and deeply appreciated the time you took to explain what you were doing and to share your experiences". Patricia E.  Sounding Healing & Kundalini Yoga Therapist.

"I had the opportunity to experience a Reiki distant healing across the continents.  I was amazed how well Reiki worked.  I had a splitting headache and neck ache and was contemplating taking a painkiller.  As advised by Anita I lay down in bed for twenty minutes whilst she did the distant healing.  When I got up my pain had decreased by 80% and went away completely a little later.  I did not need any medication at all!"  Shantala K, Teacher.

When I started the Bowen therapy with Anita, I had achilles tendonitis and arthritic pain in the knee and thigh joints.  At the end of three sessions, I feel a great relief especially in the joints.  I feel more energetic and am less bloated and have increased my water intake. 


Anita’s manner is gentle and soothing, her touch is healing.    She listened to the problems with great patience and addressed them by using the relevant moves. 


It is easy to trust her and all the inhibitions and reservations disappeared  I would love to continue the treatment under Anita”.  

— Hema V - Teacher

"I was lucky enough be introduced to Anita when I had been suffering from an apparently undiagnosable gut pain for a year and a half. I had tried many forms of industrial medicine and alternative therapies but nothing seemed to work.


After my first few sessions with her, I noticed some lessening of my symptoms and after around 6 sessions, I felt considerably better.


I don't exactly know what Reiki is, but all I experienced was a beautiful warmth and kindness radiating all around during and after my sessions.  

Anita is a wonderful, special, intuitive healer" 

— Andy Robertson - NLP Coach

I am a 62-year-old male cancer patient who when he met Anita was suffering from extreme ascites and a virtually non performing urinary system.


Within three weeks Anita helped to re-calibrate the circulation of all the fluids in my body contributing towards a drop in the ascites levels, increased energy, and the help to get me functioning regularly again.


For me the effects of Anita’s sound practice of the Bowen Technique were not necessarily immediate, but certain and accumulative.


Anita’s work complements and enhances the treatment prescribed by my doctors”.  

— DD  Retired Financial Advisor

Anita's expertise and knowledge has helped me both physically and emotionally.  It has made me more confident as a person. 


She was professional yet informal and managed to intuitively tease out various information that was buried deep down but crucial to the healing process. 


Her practical tips and passion for cooking enthused me to follow the diet plan.  I lost 5 kilos in 4 weeks and reduced my medication dosage. 


I have never felt better, and my daughter is now inspired to follow suit.  

— Sheila H.  Retired Nurse

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